Melanie & Hunter

Melanie & Hunter met a long, long time ago. Him and Melanie’s older sister actually went to high school together, so Melanie had known about him. It was actually four months before their first time meeting that Melanie told herself that she could really like Hunter. However, the timing wasn’t right so it was written off at the time.  Fast forward to September 2013, Melanie had jokingly told Hunter to take her to the Aggie football game (Hunter was currently attending TAMU in College Station). Within the next week he came through, invited Melanie to the game & to spend the weekend up there, all while Melanie is still oblivious to the fact that this could possibly lead somewhere.  That weekend, Melanie even joked with Hunter about him helping her find her future husband which he told her that he’d be sure to do that…little did we all know that it would be him!

Melanie has talked about having her engagements in a cotton field since day one & you can only shoot there during certain times of the year which also happens to be the HOTTEST time of the year.  Melanie & Hunter were troopers in the heat making their session look effortless.  They took me on a ride through family property to find the perfect field.  At our first location, there was a big hunk of junk under the tree by the fence.  Hunter, being the man he is, hooked it up to his truck & hauled it off.  I’m pretty sure things like that only happen in Texas during an engagement session…YEAH! *In my deepest man voice*

I am SO excited to be spending my first wedding of 2020 with this spunky couple & I can’t wait to get Melanie’s dimples back in front of my camera!  They will be wed this coming Saturday at the beautiful new chapel at Beneath the Oaks.  I absolutely love LOVE that venue!  Take a peek at their adorable engagement session together from this last summer! XOXO

I love this picture below & how he put cotton on her head!


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