I loved everything about this shoot.  The location, the dress, the bride.  Melanie looked STUNNING in her gown from the Bridal Rail.  It was 100% made for her.  I felt so honored to get this time with Melanie & get to know her on a different level.  We run in the same groups of people & it seems the most time we get together is in a party atmosphere so this was a pleasant change of pace.  She brought along two of her best friends who where the best primpers & dress fluffers I could of asked for.

Melanie found this unique location for her shoot & to be honest, it’s probably one of my favorite locations I’ve had the pleasure of shooting at.  I’m sure weddings here are absolute perfection.  I can’t ask for more than a pretty girl in a bridal gown in front of an all white house!  My literal photographer heaven.

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