Our session of course landed on a rainy day.  We chose our shoot location that day because we were waiting until the last minute to see what the weather would do.  Luckily, I have a kind friend who volunteered to vacate his house & let us use his living room as a photoshoot location!  The walls have windows all the way up to the ceiling so it worked in our favor to start early in the day.  Thanks goodness for small favors!  She looks gorgeous on that couch!

We bravely ventured outside despite the sprinkles.  Lauren KNEW she needed at least a FEW outdoor portraits during her session!  I’m so glad we did because we got to get creative under porches & walkways.  I love how vibrant this session is because of cloudy weather & she made such a gorgeous bride!

These turquoise front doors to this house are AMAZING & I get asked about them all the time!

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