Katherine & Matthew

This session had so many special moments during it, that this might end up being a super long blog post.  I’ll try to give a shortened version, if I can!  Katherine reached out to me about shooting her maternity session & after booking, I learned that we have so many mutual friends!  I was told that her & Matt were adorable together & after meeting them both in person, I couldn’t agree more!

When I arrived at our location, while Katherine was off exploring, Matt pulls me to the side.  I had a suspicion of what he was going to say but I tried to play it cool.  He told me he was going to propose to Katherine & that she had NO IDEA.  *Insert internal squeal*  My mind starts spinning & we make a plan to discuss it more when there is an outfit change.

Our pictures took place at the Hubbard Ranch formerly known as the Welder Ranch.  The now owner of the ranch is a kind man & has let the family come back to the ranch for special occasions, Katherine’s maternity pictures being one of those occasions.  The last time Katherine was at the ranch was many years ago when her father passed.  They left his ashes in the pond near the ranch home.  I didn’t learn of this until about halfway through our session when she asked if we could take pictures in front of the pond.  Of course we can!  How special.  Then that got me thinking, Matt should propose in front of the pond!  How symbolic?  Matt can’t physically ask for permission to marry Katherine but this is the next best thing.

The plan was that at the end of the session I will tell Katherine to turn her back to him & Matt will come up behind her & hug her.  When he doesn’t hug her, she will turn around to see what he is doing & Matt will be on his knee.  After many looks & winky faces between Matt & myself, everything was ready. Thank goodness she never noticed that the ring was in his pocket!  The plan worked perfectly & the look on her face you see in the pictures below are worth a million words.  There wasn’t a dry eye around for a mile & it was one of the sweetest things I’ve ever witnessed.  How amazing it is that my job allows me to be a part of some of the best days in my clients lives?  I’m so grateful.

Congratulations going out twice to Katherine & Matt!  You two are as sweet as pie & I can’t wait to see baby Yates in person.  Enjoy a few of my fav favs from our time together!  XOXO

She said yes, ya’ll!  LIKE DUH!

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