Payton & Nolan

When Payton called me about her engagement session we clicked right away as I’m sure many people do.  A quirky red head with a witty sense of humor?  Yes, please!  Add Nolan into the mix & we rarely stopped smiling throughout out session.  It took a good 15 minutes for them to get their giggles out, but they are oh so incredibly cute together!

It was a HOT July day, as most days our in Texas but was surprisingly breezy.  Payton & Nolan dressed perfectly for the day!  Her flowy dress was catching the breeze all day & added great movement to our images.  We decided to meet across the street from my office which lead up to DeLeon Plaza.  Ya’ll.  I’ve NEVER shot here before!  I drive by daily & see other photographers using the space & I’ve honestly never had the sense to do it too.  Well, here I am, shooting a session in the middle of downtown & let me say it was GLORIOUS!  The light was so dreamy & I love all the pops of foliage.  From there we walked a few blocks & ended up at Moonshine.

We ended our session at the bar because that is where Payton & Nolan met.  He’s in a band & she’s the bartender…sounds like something out of a movie!  They struck up a conversation one night & the rest is history.  Payton says she bets that Nolan didn’t know what he was getting himself into but I’m pretty sure he did.  Thank you so much for spending an afternoon walking around downtown with me & for choosing JKP for this special time in your lives!  You are only each others fiance’ once, but spouse forever!  XOXO

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