Stacy & Billy

Stacy & Billy met many years ago while Stacy was working at a gym.  During that time they became close friends but that’s where the relationship stopped.  Stacy moved away but about 5 1/2 years ago their paths crossed once again & they both knew they didn’t want to let the other go.  The pair always vacations to Mexico every year so this last year, Billy decided to make it extra special & pop the question to Stacy.  Apparently, they had gone out the night before & Stacy was having a hard time getting up the next day.  While she was sleeping Billy planned a perfect dinner with wine, rose petals, even a photographer!  The works.  As they headed out to their private gazebo on the waters edge, Billy took a knee & popped the question.  They showed me all the pictures their photographer caught of the moment & they were gorg!  Stacy looked SO happy!

Stacy & Billy are planning their wedding at the always gorgeous, Evermore.  They decided they wanted to have their engagements done out on this beautiful piece of property as well!  Ya’ll.  It was windy.  It’s been really windy these last couple of weeks but this particular day it was extra windy on top of sprinkles the entire session.  These two made the best of it & powered through it, embracing the strong Beyonce winds & they didn’t seem to mind the sprinkles too much.  After hanging for a bit at the venue, we decided to make the short drive into Edna, in hopes that some of the cute buildings downtown could serve as a wind block.  Who would of thought Edna has some of the cutest walls with different textures & alley ways!  I loved how their downtown feel turned out & I appreciate them being spontaneous with me!  I am so looking forward to the big day scheduled to take place this October.  It’s going to be beautiful!  Enjoy a few of my favs from our recent session together!  XOXO

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