Carley & Tyler

About 3 months ago, Carley emailed me that the love of her life had proposed to her a week before that.  She had NO IDEA he was going to ask her but after meeting her & talking to her, I know she wanted it & had been patiently waiting! Carley met Tyler through her mother, who was friends of Tyler’s family. At the time, Carley was living in the Netherlands in Amsterdam, but was expecting to return home very soon.  Her Mom asked if she could give Tyler Carley’s number, & the rest is history! 🙂

This was the shoot that was scheduled to happen & COULD NOT be rescheduled.  Ya’ll.  Carley & Tyler are getting married in three weeks!  We HAVE to make this happen!  On the day of our shoot we were scrambling for indoor locations because it was supposed to pour.  I’m not talking a light drizzle, but a slap yo momma, grab the rain gage & lets measure rain!  Luckily, Carley has a wonderful cousin who came in clutch & was able to secure an abandoned building in our downtown, Victoria.  It’s abandoned because the roof was ripped off during hurricane Harvey but it is slowly in the process of being restored.  It was absolutely AMZING!  I could of shot there all day!  We even ventured out onto the roof & crawled through a window that was infested with yellow jackets to get there.  Ah, the things we do for our pictures.  I love my couples!

Carley & Tyler will be wed the third week in June at the beautiful venue, the Evermore.  I am so excited for their big day!  I loved hanging with them & I couldn’t ask for better clients than these two.  So SO excited for the big day!  Congrats you two!  XOXO

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