Kalissa & Tyler

Kalissa & Tyler met when they were lil’ baybays.  5 or 6 years old.  They had Sunday school together.  I got a good chuckle because when we met at the beginning of our session, she was telling me about how long they’ve known each other & pulled up a photo of their first communion on her phone!  My brother in law, Brian, was also in the photo.  Tyler & him are the best of friends!  I feel so honored that some of Brian’s life long friends have chosen me to be the one to walk with them on their wedding day journey.

We also came to learn that Kalissa & I have met before as well.  It’s quite the funny story actually.  She used to live nearby me but I didn’t know it.  There was always this white cat that would come in my front yard & poo in my flower beds.  I can deal with that but then it decided to start peeing on the windshield of my Tahoe!  No ma’am!  I went & knocked on Kalissa’s door & asked if she could keep her cat from peeing on my car!  She was like ‘Uh…how?’ I’m literally giggling as I type this.  Fast forward 5 years later & she’s now a member of the JK Bride Tribe…I love it!  Let me just add, this girl is the epitome of a JK Bride!  She followed my engagement style guide to a T!!!  She planned a picnic with wine, donuts & snuggles.  It was seriously the cutest thing ever.

Kalissa & Tyler picked a unique spot for their engagements.  We met up at our State Capitol in Austin, Texas.  It’s so peaceful there!  I literally haven’t been since my senior year in high school.  Tyler is a history teacher so I love the fact that they chose a place that has ALLLL the history to it.  He said he can’t wait to get his photos back so he can put one up in the classroom!  Of course, they had to bring their adorable pup, Osa-Mimosa, along for their e-shoot.  She will also be around at Kalissa’s bridals & even a little bit on the wedding day!  Can’t wait!

I had the best time walking around, talking & being silly with these two.  The way they look at each other is so genuine & sweet.  You’ll see what I mean below!  The happy couple has plans to wed next February at St. Mary’s with reception at the Power Avenue Warehouse.  I CANNOT WAIT.  Take a looksie at some of my favs from our time together! XOXO

MY FAV!!!!  The love, laugh & light!  My three L’s!

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